Kake & Pate // Cake & Paté

Time for some casual stop motion: Follow the whimsical adventures and peculiar episodes of Ice Age roommates Kake and Pate a.k.a. Cake and Paté. Hoping to make some new episodes soon!

1. Wacky Soup (Sekopäinen soppa, 2013–2014)

Stop-motion animation Wacky Soup tells about Cake (Homo erectus) and Paté (cave bear), Ice Age roommates, who, surrounded by the continental glacier, have ended up living in the same cave. For these masculine males, e.g. sharing domestic chores can cause tensions. What happens when Paté finds some delicious-looking mushrooms on his food searching trip and cooks them into a soup?

Duration 04:38 min.
© Terhi Ketolainen 2013–2014



2. Stargating (Tähtiportin alla, 2014)

Homo erectus Cake and cave bear Paté, Ice Age roommates, bump into a peculiar ring-shaped structure on their hunting trip. The buddies’ curiosity has consequences, and they experience strange and exiting moments in some other reality, maybe on another planet. Will they finally get back home?

Duration 02:20 min.
© Terhi Ketolainen 2014